Intramural Sports

Recreation at Trinity offers students opportunities to compete in various men’s, women’s and co-ed sports. All Intramural Sports are played throughout the fall and spring semesters. Below is a general list of intramural sports that are being offered for the 2017-2018 academic year. Intramural sports at Trinity are played either in the evening or on weekends. Most intramural sports are played in leagues consisting of between 4-5 weeks of regular season before post-season play. The Intramural Sports program with Recreation will also host one or two tournaments each year. All Trinity students are eligible to compete. Team captains must enter their teams through the IMLeagues website.  

Intramural Sports offered for 2018-2019

Fall Leagues
  • Ultimate Frisbee
  • Flag Football
Spring Leagues
  • 5v5 Basketball  
  • Softball

Signing-up for Intramural Sports

All team must register on The deadlines and registration information can be found on this site. It is important to note that all team members must be registered for eligibility. Only those eligible will be awarded the Championship T-shirt at the end of the season. 


1. All participants must be students, staff or faculty of Trinity College.

2. The Recreation office reserves the right to put into immediate effect any new rule change, eligibility requirement or policy.

3. A team or individual entry can be made by filling out the registration form on  The entire process must be completed to ensure eligibility.

4. Game time is forfeit time. If a team or individual is not prepared to play at the scheduled time or location, the contest will be considered a forfeit.

5. Each team is expected to play their scheduled game. Teams that forfeit a game will be removed from the league.

6. Proper conduct and good sportsmanship toward participants, officials and staff is a necessity.

7. Recreation staff have the final say on game equipment and the proper playing area for the contest.

8. Varsity letter winners, redshirted or ineligible students due to NCAA rules are not permitted to play in their sport or related sport.

9. Each league will have a playoff to determine the champion

10. Anyone who misrepresents themselves, is suspected of cheating, or participates under an assumed name is subject to disciplinary action by the Recreation office and may also be subject to further disciplinary action.