Sports Medicine


Vision Statement

The Trinity College Sports Medicine Program shall provide injury prevention, evaluation, care and rehabilitation services and athletic education to all varsity student -athletes. The Trinity College Sports Medicine Program is committed to professional, quality care and an ongoing effort to provide the latest and most effective treatments for athletic injuries.

Mission Statement

The Sports Medicine Program delivers high quality athletic training and sports medicine services to student-athletes within the Athletic Department.  The services can be divided into five areas:

  1. Prevention of Athletic Injuries
  2. Recognition, Evaluation, and Immediate Care of Athletic Injuries
  3. Rehabilitation and Reconditioning of Athletic Injuries
  4. Health Care Administration
  5. Health and Wellness Education

Our goal is to provide the student- athletes at Trinity College with the best health care possible. In providing these services, the Trinity College Sports Medicine staff strives to utilize the most efficient, proven and current technologies, including the best equipment available. Consistent with this goal, we aim to offer a health care system that is proactive in approach, reducing the risk of athletic injury for our student athletes; provide easily accessible sports medicine services that are responsive to the needs of the student-athlete; and facilitate injured student-athletes' safe return to participation in athletic competition as soon as possible.

Our philosophy is that the needs of the student athlete will always be the first consideration for all members of the sports medicine staff. We will comply with the recommendations and guidelines as established by the NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sports and the credentialing statutes of the State of Connecticut.


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