Trinity Women's Rowing Sinks Simmons On First Day Of Spring Racing

Trinity Women's Rowing Sinks Simmons On First Day Of Spring Racing

Medford, Mass. - The women’s rowing program at Trinity College kicked off their spring season with a busy and aggressive weekend including three races against Tufts and Simmons in a double-dual event this morning.  Trinity saw tight racing with a significant cross headwind at16-20 mph on relatively flat water, and several Bantams won their first collegiate 2,000-meter race on the Malden River.  Trinity rowers who notched their first win in the Varsity Eight race over Simmons, the first race of the day, included Kirsten Thiim (Acton, Mass.), Brigitte Vossler (Buffalo, N.Y.), and Claudia Garrote (Guaynabo, Puerto Rico).  Trinity also struck a win over Wellesley in the novice four at Tufts. Athletes in the four included Abigail McNulty (Warren, Mass.), Trea Mannello, Nadine Lee (Centennial, Colo.), Sarah Thomas (Lincoln, Neb.) and Emily McLeod (Portland, Oregon). 

“We were very excited to see several of our younger athletes earn their first wins in two very competitive races, and they should be very proud of that,” said Head Coach Heather Barney, who is in her first year with the team. “However, other races throughout the day highlighted that we can still push ourselves harder and farther, which is part of our long-term goals.” 

In the second race for the varsity eight, Tufts, ranked No. 6 nationally, proved too much of a challenge for Trinity. In addition, the Bantam second-varsity eight crossed the finish line behind Tufts and Simmons in their first and second races, respectively.  

Varsity Eight
C: Talia La Schiazza
8. Antonia Bowden
7. Kirsten Thiim
6. Sarah Beckman
5. Deane Pless
4. Claudia Garrote
3. Molly McGonigle
2. Brigitte Vossler
1. Clare Knowlton 
Second Eight
C: Caitlin Southwick
8. Lisa Hovhannesian
7. Hillary Vossler
6. Lexi Zanger
5. Alley Smicka
4. Lizzie Smith
3. Vanessa Jones
2. Denicia Peterson
1. Erin Gannon 
Novice Four
C: Abigail McNulty
4: Sarah Thomas
3: Emily McLeod
2: Nadine Lee
1: Trea Mannello