Trinity Women's Squash Captain's Blog by Kate Wymard'12: Entry #7

Trinity Women's Squash Captain's Blog by Kate Wymard'12: Entry #7

Much Love, Wymes

In life, things end so that new things can begin. Unfortunately for me, my time as a Trinity College women’s squash player has drawn to a close. Playing a Division I sport at a Division III school has allowed me to experience the best of both worlds: athletics and academics. As I have previously quoted, most learning during college occurs outside of the classroom. I believe my growth and maturity on and off of the squash court has contributed to shaping me as a human being. None of this would have been possible without an amazing four years of sisters and coaches.

Going into Nationals at Harvard University two weeks ago, we were the underdog for the Howe Cup National Championship Tournament.  All of the pressure was on our four opponents seeded higher than us. Like most Howe Cups, anything is possible and anything can happen. With the portable speakers from Wendy, the entire team piled up in the school van screaming along to Pam’s notorious pump-up playlist, as we hit our hands on the inside of the roof in sync with the music. Our energy was contagious and that is what carried us throughout the tournament. That and the desire to win by leaving everything on the court. Finishing third in the country means the world to us and it is something I know that my fellow seniors and I will carry with us forever.

You don’t realize how much something is part of your life until it is over. We had a team meeting on Monday and I felt like it had been weeks since I saw my teammates, my family. We discussed the banquet and our success throughout the season. I think that is when the reality of graduating and having to move on into the real world hit me. I think some of my classmates were experiencing the same feelings because there were tears after the meeting. I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to play on such a remarkable and international team. I know that I have family all over the world and that the family will continue in Hartford.  Whenever I come home, I’ll have some sisters there. My coaches have done an incredible job making us feel comfortable at the courts.  They are an unmatchable resource for us on court and with anything else that comes into our lives. I will miss playing on this team and can’t wait to come back and visit. Much love, Wymes.

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